Let us take a stand or be a spectator to the increasing road rage violence and deaths! Join hands with us to wipe out road rage peacefully.

Zero Tolerance to Road Rage (ZTTRR) endeavours to get rid of road rage from every place in the world through peaceful interventions like sensitization on social media, personal interactions and orientations. This non-profit community, comprising diverse professionals, considers the Gandhian principles of non-violence as the perfect way to systematically root out this social evil. We firmly believe that rage against road rage will only bring only rampage on the roads! On the other hand, a peaceful approach—imbued with love and understanding—can completely cure this menace. ZTTRR is an initiative by Ranjit K Sharma.

Fundamental philosophy
ZTTRR has many unique features in its fundamental philosophy. We enlist them here:

  1. Road rage is a social evil and is a nuisance in all cities of the world. Therefore, the geographical purview of ZTTRR is not limited to a city or two in India but spread across the length and breadth of the globe.
  2. ZTTRR’s fight is against road rage not against the people who engage in road rage.
  3. ZTTRR aims at fighting against road rage using peaceful means. It adopts the Gandhian principles of non-violence and non-compromise.
  4. ZTTRR aims at creating awareness using the power of social media globally and personal interactions, outreach events and orientations locally.
  5. ZTTRR assumes the following premises:
    1. In a road rage incident there are always two parties involved—the aggressor and the provoker.
    2. Both the aggressor and the provoker are prone to getting harmed.
    3. Both these parties need the following orientations to save themselves from an aggressive situation:
      1. attitudinal orientation
        1. awareness about self
          (being conscious about one’s own action on the road)
        2. awareness about others
          (being conscious about the reasons that lead others to act in particular ways)
      2. technical orientation
        1. awareness about the surrounding
          (being conscious about the roads, the signages and the vehicles)
    4. ZTTRR aims to address both the aggressors and the provokers and to create awareness through orientations about their on-road behaviour and their surroundings.

Some peaceful ways to wipe out road rage include:

  • providing awareness to road users,
  • raising the standards of roads, signages, parking lots and other infrastructures, and
  • equipping drivers with more user-friendly vehicles.

We invite users to send us more such ideas and suggestions. Do like our page, invite your friends to do so and help us in spreading the word. You may also share with us stories (and images) of road rage which you or your friends have experienced.

About Ranjit
Ranjit K Sharma is the founder and chief evangelist of ZTTRR. He is an experienced publishing professional, Wikipedian, and a voice-over artiste, in addition to being a crusader against road rage! Know more about him by visiting his personal blog.

About this blog
This is the official blog of ZTTRR. Subscribe to this blog for regular updates!

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