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The biggies in the political, the corporate or the non-profit sectors, nowadays, do not shy away from spending astronomical amounts for campaigning in the social media. They use social media for a variety of purposes that usually ranges from sales, promotions and product awareness to after-sales service, thought leadership, fund raising and personal touch.

It is now almost a fact that any social cause, however noble, can never expect to help its ultimate beneficiaries without its direct or indirect involvement in social media. Did not we see the rise of websites like Causes.com, Change.org or Thepetitionsite.com?

For ZTTRR, social media is even more relevant, given the fact that we aim to sensitize the public in general and the road-users in particular about the evils of road rage and how to avoid it using the Gandhian principles of non-violence and non-compromise. Unfortunately, we do not have a fat budget yet, unlike most others.

At the same time, we are more than sure that we do not need to incur such expenses either. We think there is no dearth of people, who want peace to eventually prevail everywhere, including on our roads. This is also because human beings, by default, are peace-loving creatures. And this is the basic premise upon which the edifice of ZTTRR’s peaceful fight rests. It gives us the never-ending ammunition for our relentless war against road rage.

Our assumption about people’s natural propensity for peace is actually proven right when we see the slow yet steady growth of our supporters over the various community resources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Groups and WordPress. We are sublimely happy to affirm that all our followers, fans and members are genuine, human beings as against fake or automated users (bots). Moreover, all our online communities are growing organically without the support of any paid campaigns!

Keeping the above in mind, we are happy to launch the 1000 Page Likes Campaign today for the Facebook ZTTRR community. With this, we are aiming at raising the total number of page likes to 1000.

Do visit the page and register your “like” now. Let us make it a 100% success!