The making of “Road Word of the Day”!


The circulation of online goodies (I mean, services) such as Word of the Day or A Word a Day is as old as the Internet itself—actually, older! Times then and times now have always been rife with word lovers. Some like word service because of the spoon-feeding inherent in it—they get to learn a new word that adds up to their vocabulary everyday, without ever having to tire themselves while groping for that heavy dictionary! Others like it because they are keen to know the practicability and usage of words, besides being smitten by the novelty of words. There are still others—the adventurous lot—who like it because of the sheer surprise element involved in it—“Which word tomorrow?” “How many inflections?” “How difficult the pronunciation?” So on and so forth.

But my question is—have you ever had even an inkling of something as strange as a Road Word? A…

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