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We are happy to introduce our new promotional service called Road Word of the Day. It will carry the most common meaning, pronunciation guide, parts of speech and inflections of one word or phrase on a regular basis.

The most striking and unique feature of this service is the road use section. Under this section, the usage of the word is illustrated by the use of a creative sentence pertaining to the roads!

With the launch of this service, ZTTRR hopes to popularize its peaceful tirade against road rage by reaching more people like you and get them spread the word about the dangers of road rage. As a strategy, the Road Word of the Day is posted in the social media in the form of a JPG image instead of text. This enhances the visual appeal and at the same time deters copycat bots!

In order to give you flexibility, we make it a point to post the Road Word of the Day simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Google Group and on this WordPress blog. You can subscribe to the Road Word of the Day service by any of the following ways:

If you are one of those users who are not wired to any of the above social media, you can still get your favourite Road Word delivered at your mail box. You simply need to either join the Google Group or follow this blog. And let us tell you, it is not mandatory to have a Gmail or a WordPress account for you to be able to join a Google Group or follow a WordPress blog! Happy road-wording…

Here’s the road word for Day One:

Road Word of the Day, esprit de l'escalier