Here are the guiding principles of Zero Tolerance to Road Rage, put together in the form a blog post, by its Chief Evangelist, Ranjit K Sharma.


This article is devoted to Zero Tolerance to Road Rage (ZTTRR). ZTTRR is a non-profit attempt to create awareness on the increasing incidents of road rage in India and elsewhere. ZTTRR considers the Gandhian principles of non-violence as the perfect way to systematically root out this social evil. It firmly believes that rage against road rage will only bring more rampage on the roads! On the other hand, a peaceful approach—imbued with love and understanding—can completely cure this menace.

The beginning
Consider these road rage facts:

  • “Intermittent Explosive Disorder—medical name for road rage—affects around 16 million people in the US.” —Streetdirectory.com
  • “In one survey [in the US], 90 percent reported that during the past year they either were a victim of road rage or had witnessed it.” —Scientific American
  •  “Every year at least 1500 people [in the US] are seriously injured or killed in road rage.” —AAA…

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